The Phoenix Legal Financing Fund I (“PLFF”), managed by Centaur Asset Management (“Centaur Asset”), wins both ‘Most innovative Hedge Fund – Bermuda’ and ‘Legal Financing Hedge Fund of the Year – Bermuda’ at The International Hedge Fund Awards 2015, which honour the key influencers in the industry and celebrate excellence and achievement in emerging asset classes.These two awards follow multiple recent recognition awards to PLFF for excellence from Barclayhedge.

The International Hedge Fund Awards 2015 celebrate hedge funds that have stood out in the competitive market over the past 12 months, playing testimony to the skills and dedication demonstrated in the always challenging environment by rewarding those that have demonstrated impressive growth and outperformed their peers. A panel of independent judges of industry professionals selected the winners and short list nominees of the International Hedge Fund Awards 2015.

Commenting on the two awards, Centaur Asset Business Development Manager, Franklin Connellan, said

 “We are truly honoured to be recognised for these awards which prove that Centaur is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to structuring investment products and solutions. The legal financing industry is a fascinating sector to be involved in at present and the sector is still in its infancy compared to other sectors. We are proud to have received recognition for what is usually a niche and often overlooked asset class and welcome the publicity for both the Phoenix Legal Financing Fund I and the sector in general. This award is a testament to our on-going efforts to provide alternative investment opportunities to a globally diversified investor base.”

 PLFF is a Bermuda domiciled, open ended mutual fund which makes investments in legal claims and disputes (“Disputes”) using a variety of structures, such as, purchases of Disputes, loans, contract based funding arrangements, and other bespoke financial funding. PLFF has achieved a return for investors of over 23% since inception.

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